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This country may have grabbed the culinary spotlight for its version of sashimi, but that’s just the tip of the gastronomical iceberg — and we enlisted three top Peruvian chefs to prove it. Read with caution: This article will make you hungry (for food and travel).
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Take in the smells of fresh papayas and watermelons. Listen to the chitchat of the merchants at the market. Admire the colorful fabrics. Travel all across the coast from Accra to Takoradi and up to the north, where Mole National Park is home to elephants, hippos and buffalos. Wait, why are you still here?
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For a taste of Mama Africa right at home, try the Moroccan-inspired Shrub cocktail crafted by Chambar’s bar manager Wendy McGuinness exclusively for you. It pairs perfectly with Chef Nico Schuermans’ Mussels Congolaise with smoked chili, lime and cilantro. Just saying.
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